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The pretentious charades of a lonely tween will no longer be continued. In other words this blog is inactive. I'll leave it up though for those interested in its contents.

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    I hope there will be another Seer amongst the Pre-Scratch trolls. If I am picking up on this pattern correctly then the ancestors will share the same aspect as the descendant, but not the same class. I doubt they will share the same class as their descendant, and I’m pretty sure that Seer is a female reserved class. That would leave 3 possibilities: Seer of Time, Seer of Heart, and Seer of Space. Seer of Time seems least likely to me. I think I can imagine Seer of Heart and Seer of Space powers and how it would suit dear sweet Leijon and Maryam. Over all Seer of Heart seems most likely, but that is just hope. It will probably be crushed because Hussie is a diabolical genius that probably has something better up his sleeve. Ohhhhhh weeeellllll.

    I was wrong and then right and it hurts me.

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    reading my old comments and journals on DA

    reading my old anything i ever posted on the internet

    looking at old art that i posted on the internet

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    More pictures of the Cotswolds, England.

    I want go baaaack

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  10. "The paradox of education is precisely this - that as one begins to become conscious one begins to examine the society in which he is being educated. The purpose of education, finally, is to create in a person the ability to look at the world for himself, to make his own decisions, to say to himself this is black or this is white, to decide for himself whether there is a God in heaven or not. To ask questions of the universe, and then learn to live with those questions, is the way he achieves his own identity. But no society is really anxious to have that kind of person around. What societies really, ideally, want is a citizenry which will simply obey the rules of society. If a society succeeds in this, that society is about to perish. The obligation of anyone who thinks of himself as responsible is to examine society and try to change it and to fight it – at no matter what risk. This is the only hope society has. This is the only way societies change."


    Baldwin’s speech, ” A Talk to Teachers” (via jonubian)

    ugh. i always felt this way when i was in high school.

    James Baldwin. Relevant as hell always!

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    theartofanimation: Jie He

    “If you believe you can, you might. If you know you can, you will.”
    ~Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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  18. "If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

    - Mother Teresa (via universal-wanderer)

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500px / Photo “And in the Darkness, Bind Them ..” by Alexandre Deschaumes on We Heart It.


    500px / Photo “And in the Darkness, Bind Them ..” by Alexandre Deschaumes on We Heart It.

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    it’S TIME TO G̢̘̫̞̬̞͉̙͇̓̈́̍ͣ͂ͭ̅O̵̲͚̗͕̜͉͖̗͐̉ͭͅ ͖̮͍̬̟̗̩̠͈̄̏̎̚͠T̯̬̙͊̐͌̀O͈̘͇̲͇͆̈́̈́͋̈́̊͢ ͙ͬ̇̈͡S̡̩̃̅ͅL̵̛̫͔̑͆ͮͯ̾E͕̘̹̹̦̬ͫ͋ͩ̉̐ͮ͘͝E͙͕̰ͩ̓͊͆͊͘͟P̢̘̲͚̫̻̔̌̌̎͑̆̔̀̕

    gettin close to finishing my Horrorterrors song \m/

    voiceacting by h0peh and gothchild420

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